What’s New from July for Diabetes & Health Tech?

Gather Health empowers patients to take charge of their health by activating a holistic care team around them – including their physician, nutritionist, family, and other patients like them.

Turns out the best way to get people to exercise isn’t talking about long-term health benefits, but focusing on immediate rewards like stress relief, better mood, more energy, and opportunity to connect with family and friends. In fact, people who have goals aimed at losing weight or improving health tend to spend the least amount of time exercising.

More evidence that financial incentives can help people quit smoking, this time among pregnant women.

At-home self-testing of blood pressure was found to effective in helping people manage their hypertension and benefits continued six months after the program had ended.

In the US, changing regulations for telemedicine, with many states allowing establishment of doctor-patient relationship and prescription of medication by video. Washington recently became the 24th state to require insurance reimbursement for some telemedicine services.

And lastly, in India a quick overview of the medical device ‘ecosystem’ and yet more data that knowledge of diabetes and it’s management remains low.

What’s New from July for Diabetes & Health Tech?