What’s New from June for Diabetes & Health Tech?

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We know incentives are important, but how important?

Financial incentives are more effective than typical care, finds a creative study on financial incentives and smoking cessation. All 4 incentive programs (individual or group, reward or deposit) were more effective than the typical approach of providing information and free aids (patches, gum). People were much more likely to agree to join a reward program than one requiring them to deposit money up-front and have it returned if they successfully quit smoking. However, those who agreed to the deposit program were twice as likely to successfully quit. There were few differences between the individual and group interventions. NEJM wrote a very readable editorial as well as publishing the full study.

Also some knowledge about diabetes to blow your mind.

The relative importance of diet and exercise in losing weight (spoiler: eating less is a lot more important than exercising more).

An exploration of how diabetes may differ in Asian-Indians compared to Caucasians finds Indians are more likely to have high central obesity, increased inflammatory markers, greater insulin resistance, and higher risk of coronary artery disease.

Over in the US, over half of millennials with diabetes say that they would trust a health app over a health professional for advice.

Last but definitely not least, a look beyond ourselves

A piece on the ethics of A/B testing, reminds us that many “policies and practices that we live by aren’t evidence-based, and good intentions don’t guarantee desired outcomes.”

What’s New from June for Diabetes & Health Tech?