What’s New in May for Diabetes & Health-Tech?

Gather Health empowers patients to take charge of their health by activating a holistic care team around them – including their physician, nutritionist, family, and other patients like them.

A national survey in India finds among the urban middle class, >25% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed. Among those with diagnosed diabetes, blood sugar control is poor as is awareness, treatment, and control of high blood sugar and cholesterol.

Google’s ambitious initiative to estimate food calories from pictures.

Speaking of food, a dietary survey in India revealed that carbs comprise nearly 2/3rds of a typical Indian diabetic’s diet (vs. 40-50% in the West). While 2/3rds were adherent to a diet plan their physician recommended, nearly half had not received diet counseling!

Active discussion in the US about what type of care nurses should be allowed to provide, particularly in rural areas and under what type of supervision, if any.

Accenture projects that by 2018 there will be >100 FDA approved digital health devices, saving the healthcare system nearly $100billion USD.

And last but far from least, the annual report on internet trends by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins. TechCrunch’s pithy summary, and the full deck. Particularly notable are the slides on internet penetration in India:

and the use of mobile internet:

What’s New in May for Diabetes & Health-Tech?